How can I change the wallpaper on Next to my own image?

Here's how to customize the Next Lock Screen with your own image:

Start by accessing the wallpaper settings:
  • Pull up the App Launcher area
  • Tap on the Settings link
  • Select Change Wallpaper from the Settings page

From the Wallpaper screen you can select a wallpaper for each mode (At Home, On The Go, At Work) separately or for all modes at once.

To start click on the mode for which you want to change the wallpaper (or any mode if you want to change it for all of them at once).

You have the choice between:

  • Selecting your default home page wallpaper
  • Selecting a wallpaper from our library
  • Selecting one of your images as wallpaper. In this case tap on the “Custom +” tile and proceed to select an image of your own from multiple sources including your device photos or images as well as a range of cloud storage applications.

Once you selected an image you can resize and move it to fit your screen.

To validate your selection tap the “Set” button. You can then decide to apply your selection to the current mode or to all modes at once.

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