Version 2.1 | What's New? (Released April 1, 2015)

What's New?

  • Multiple Additions to Pin and Pattern Experience.  Includes options to disable haptic feedback, to hide pattern visibility, and to hide keys on PIN entry.
  • Bug Fixes. Includes honoring the 24 hour clock setting on the phone and dismissing an alarm to unlock the phone.
  • Improved performance. Faster Next appearance on device restart, though a slight noticeable delay on some devices may be apparent since Next is a third party app that is separate from the OS.
  • New Weather details.  Now click through to see MSN weather.
  • Weather Experience Improvements. China availability, better temperature accuracy and  refresh frequency.
  • Full Support for Textra. Notifications from Textra will now appear on Next for Android OS versions 4.3 and higher.

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