Version 2.5 | What's New? (Released October 20, 2015)


What's new?

  • Big calendar changes! We've introduced a new way to see what's coming up next in your busy schedule. Morning and evening "tip cards" give you a quick glance at what's coming up for today and tomorrow. As you progress through your day, we'll remind you of what meeting is coming up next, so that you can focus on what matters.
  • Show the full content of a notification message! For many notification types including SMS, Email and more, you can "tap" on the notification to expand the contents and read more on your lock screen.
  • Group notification message support! For apps like email, Outlook and Slack, we give you the ability to preview multiple notification subject lines, so that you can see more at a glance without unlocking and having to go into your notification center.
  • Dismiss all notification messages! We've changed the "dismiss" button on Next so that it dismisses all notifications on your screen, not just the ones labeled "Other."
  • Phone call support on top of lock screen! We've added support for popular alarms and dialer apps to show on top of Next, so that you won't have to unlock Next to get to it. For Android 5.0+ users, find "usage data access" in your device settings and enable for Next. For users below Android 5.0, it's enabled by default.
  • Performance changes and bug fixes! Basic swiping actions on notifications are smoother. We've added bug fixes to make Next smoother and generally more stable.  

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