How does fingerprint unlock work?

What devices are supported?

Fingerprint unlock is currently supported in Next Lock Screen for the following devices:
  • Samsung devices running Android 5.0 or greater AND with hardware fingerprint scanner. (Examples: Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7.)
  • All Android devices running Android 6.0 or greater AND with hardware fingerprint scanner.  (Examples: Nexus 6P.)
OK, my device is on the above list. What do I need to do?

First, set up a fingerprint screen lock in your device's system settings. This option is usually found in the "Security" section of Android device settings, depending on the specific device.

After a fingerprint screen lock is created in your device's system settings, you're done. Now whenever you see Next Lock Screen, scan your finger on the fingerprint reader and Next will detect your thumbprint and bypass the lock.

If you have both Next Lock Screen and the system lock screen enabled, scanning your fingerprint with Next will also bypass the system lock screen. There is no need to scan twice.

What if my device with hardware fingerprint scanner is not supported?

Due to the variety of Android devices in the market, it is difficult for us to support them all. However, we are working to add additional support and hope to address your needs soon. If there is a specific device that you wish to submit as a request, please vote at the link below, and add a comment with your device type and OS version.

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